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Tax Assessor

Property/Block and Lot Information:
Property information is readily available at the Tax Assessor’s office. Due to the large amount of information, and anticipated reliance and accuracy, it is recommended that this information be obtained in person at the office.

What are the duties of the Tax Assessor?
This office is responsible to maintain all real property records within Bridgewater Township.Our Business Hours:
Monday – Thursday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

What are the rights of a Property Tax Payer?
Tax Payers Bill of Rights

Assessment Appeal Due Date:
May 1, of tax year to appeal assessment.
Example: May 1, 2010 is the due date to appeal the assessment for the tax year 2010.

Annual Reassessment Program:  

As you may be aware, the Township of Bridgewater continues to conduct its annual reassessment program.  As we enter our twelfth year, I remind property owners that the purpose of the reassessment program is not to generate additional tax revenue.  Its purpose is to annually reestablish the overall municipal assessment value based upon market analysis. This includes all class of properties; commercial, residential, industrial, vacant land, etc.

As a state requirement of the reassessment program, each property must be inspected within a four year cycle.  Each year of our annual reassessment program the Township of Bridgewater contracts with an accredited appraisal firm to conduct property inspections in order to confirm data accuracy.  Having correct data is paramount to valuation accuracy.  This is also vital to maintain equity and uniformity.  Our goal is to have all assessments reflect as close to true market as possible.  A notice will be mailed out prior to the inspection to the homes being inspected this year.

At any time during the year we welcome you to contact the Assessor’s office to obtain information with regard to your assessment and the reassessment function.  If you have questions, please contact the office at 908-725-6300 Ext. 5121, and 5125.

Tax Deduction Programs:

$250.00 Real Property Tax Deduction Programs and respective link to applications:

.* These deductions require this supplemental to accompany the application:
<<< CLICK HERE >>>
During the tax year for which the deduction is claimed, The applicant reasonably anticipates that their annual income (and that of their spouse/civil union partner combined) will not exceed $10,000 after a permitted exclusion of Social Security Benefits, or Federal Government Retirement/Disability Pension, or State, County, Municipal Government and their political subdivisions and agencies Retirement/Disability Pension. Please see the application for more details.

Property Tax Reimbursement Program (AKA Senior Freeze):
This application is available in the Tax Collector’s office.

Change of Address:
Changes of address must be in writing, and submitted to the Tax Assessor’s office.

Farmland Application Forms

Application for Farmland Assessment

Changes to Farmland Assessment for the Year 2019

Supplemental Farmland Assessment Gross Sales Form

 Woodland Data Form

The Tax Assessor, Anthony R. DiRado, can be reached at (908) 725-6300 ext. 5120, 5121, and 5125 or by email at

Click here for Reassessment Frequently Asked Questions PDF




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