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Become An Emergency Services Volunteer

There is a long tradition of volunteering in Bridgewater and we are asking you to help your friends and neighbors by considering the time and commitment of being an Emergency Services Volunteer in Bridgewater Township.

Who are the volunteers? They are people just like you, men and women of all ages, from all walks and positions in life. They share the common desire to give something that money alone cannot buy … themselves, their time and effort, their care and concern.

In addition to personal rewards, the following Township benefits are available to active volunteers for Bridgewater rescue squads and fire companies:

1. Tuition reimbursement up to $600 per year ($2400 maximum lifetime benefit) to volunteers, and their spouse and dependent children,  making a four-year commitment to voluntary services in either rescue or fire per N.J.S.A. 18A:71-78.

2. Waiver of fees for Planning Board applications for a volunteer’s personal residence.

3. Waiver of fees for Board of Adjustment application fees for a volunteer’s personal residence.

4. Waiver of fees for active members and their family members (including husband, wife, children, father, mother, grandparents, grandchildren, and any stepchild or legally adopted child living in the same household) for recreation programs, and municipal construction permits for a volunteer’s personal residence.

In addition, many rescue squads and fire companies participate in the Length of Service Award Program (LOSAP) that provides retirement benefits for their volunteer members.

It takes a special person to volunteer as a firefighter or rescue squad member. Someone with the desire to do something important for his or her community. Someone with courage and dedication who isn’t afraid of hard work and is willing to accept the challenge of a difficult job.

If you are this kind of person, you are needed as a volunteer. The hardest part to answering this call is taking the first step. Make a phone call or visit your local squad building or firehouse at the telephone numbers and addresses listed below. All training and equipment are provided by Bridgewater Township and the rescue squads and fire companies.


Bradley Gardens First Aid and Rescue Squad
106 Linden Street P.O. Box 6522
Bridgewater, NJ 08807
(908) 725-0761

Finderne First Aid and Rescue Squad
476 Union Avenue
Bridgewater, NJ 08807
(732) 469-5311

Green Knoll Rescue Squad
608 North Bridge Street P.O. Box 6456
Bridgewater, NJ 08807
(908) 722-8681

Martinsville Rescue Squad
1771 Washington Valley Road
P.O. Box 296
Martinsville, NJ 08836
(732) 469-1505


Bradley Gardens Fire Department
24 Old York Road
Bridgewater, NJ 08807
(908) 725-1250

Country Hills Volunteer Fire Company
264 Milltown Road 
Bridgewater, NJ 08876
(908) 725-7070

Finderne Engine Company
672 E. Main Street
Bridgewater, NJ 08807
(732) 356-3024

Green Knoll Volunteer Fire Company
606 North Bridge Street
P.O. Box 6004
Bridgewater, NJ 08807
(908) 725-7216

Martinsville Fire Company
1912 Washington Valley Rd, Martinsville, NJ 08836
P.O. Box 202
Martinsville, NJ 08836
(732) 469-1955

North Branch Volunteer Fire Company
1169 Route 28
Somerville, NJ 08876
(908) 725-2305


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