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Sewer Utility

The Sewer Utility Division is responsible for managing the use and construction of sanitary sewerage facilities throughout the Township. To date we have installed 350 miles of collection lines and 50 miles of trunk sewers. We also maintain 4 major pumping stations, oversee 13 meter stations and 135 residential grinder pumps.

Sewer Utility Division operations are divided into four major functional groups, consisting of: Administration, Construction Inspection, Engineering, and Maintenance. Responsibilities are shared among three municipal departments: Engineering, Finance, and Municipal Services with support from the Building Code and Enforcement Division, and the Health Department.

Each year the Township Council approves a separate annual operating budget for Sewer Utility activities. The expense of these programs is recovered through a program of annual sewer use charges.

The Sewer Utility Division is constantly in the process of planning, designing, upgrading, and constructing new facilities. Newly constructed facilities consist of private sector development projects, which are required to include provisions for sanitary sewers, and public municipal projects for existing residents. Changes in development trends approved by the Planning Board are also evaluated to help ensure capacity within the existing Township infrastructure. As the Health Department identifies failing onsite treatment facilities the Sewer Utility Division is also advised so that alternative facilities can be evaluated and be added to the Six Year Capital Improvement Plan. Sewer Utility maintenance personnel also keep track of repairs and service calls to help aid in planning systems upgrades.

Sewer Utility Division operations include a variety of activities from general management to planning, design to construction, operations to preventative maintenance, collecting revenues to controlling expenditures, and interaction with the Township’s tax collector to ensure that all sewer users utilizing Bridgewater’s municipal sewage system are paying their fair share.

For Sewer maintenance issues, contact the Bridgewater Department of Public Works at (908) 725-6300 ext. 6000 or email
          For emergencies during non-business hours, please call (908) 722-4111 ext. 0

For all Sewer billing issues or to set up an account, please contact the Tax Collector’s office at (908) 725 6300 ext. 5145 or email

For all other Sewer Utility business, contact Thomas M. Genova, Director of Sewer Utility at (908) 725-6300 ext. 5515 or email

Bridgewater Township Municipal Building 100 Commons Way, Bridgewater, NJ 08807 (908) 725-6300 Monday- Friday: 9 AM - 5 PM

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