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Directory of Departments

Important Notice


Please be sure to check SPAM folders and other e-mail filters sometimes handled by your ISP or e-mail provider. Particularly with GMAIL. GOOGLE has made improvements in their e-mail filters and we have seen an increase of Bridgewater Township emails going to SPAM folders.

You may “whitelist” appropriate senders addresses to prevent this. Please ask your provider for directions.

For security purposes, all emails to Township email addresses must contain a name, address, and phone number in order to receive a response. In addition, no email containing an attachment will be opened by Township employees without prior notification from the sender.

The following contact numbers are related to the Bridgewater Municipal Building and are sorted by extension number.  Click on each bolded name to send an email to that person.

Mayor of Bridgewater 908.725.6300 x5000 Matthew C. Moench
Contact the entire Council in one email
Council President Timothy Ring   Timothy Ring
Councilman Vice President Howard Norgalis   Howard Norgalis
Councilman Michael Kirsh   Michael Kirsh
Councilman Allen Kurdyla    Allen Kurdyla
Councilman Filipe Pedroso   Filipe Pedroso
Township Administrator 908.725.6300 x5000 Michael Pappas
Deputy Township Administrator 908.725.6300 x5000 Wells Winegar
Office of Constituent Relations 908.725.6300 x5888 Scott Maraldo
Township Clerk 908.725.6300 x5025 Grace Njuguna
Fire Official 908.725.6300 x5555 Thomas Scalera  
Human Resources Officer
908.725.6300 x5045 Christine Madrid
Chief Finance Officer 908.725.6300 x5110 William Pandos
Purchasing Agent 908.725.6300 x5043 Sarah Housman
Accounts Payable 908.725.6300 x5103 Pat DeSarno
Tax Assessor 908.725.6300 x5121 Anthony DiRado
Tax Collector 908.725.6300 x5145 Darrow Murdock
Director of Municipal Services and Sewer Utility Director  908.725.6300 x5515 Thomas Genova
Township Engineer 908.725.6300 x5090 William Burr
Code Enforcement Superintendent 908.725.6300 x5565 John Tillotson
Public Works Superintendent 908.725.6300 x6000 Richard Shimp
Township Planner 908.725.6300 x5535 Scarlett Doyle
Zoning Officer 908.725.6300 x5541 Roger Dornbierer
Land Use Coordinator 908.725.6300 x5530 Nancy Probst
Director of Health & Human Services 908.725.6300 x5210 Christine Madrid
Health Officer 908.725.6300 x5205 Kevin Sumner 
Recreation Superintendent 908.725.6300 x5300 Rachel Barrett
Registrar of Vital Statistics 908.725.6300 x5551 Constance Delrocco
Senior Services Coordinator 908.725.8020 Jennifer Osterberg
Township Attorney 908.526.0707 Christopher Corsini
Court Administrator 908.725.6300 x5404 Jenni Peterson
Police Chief 908.725.6300 x4034 John Mitzak

The following contacts are related centers and people around Bridgewater Township.

Somerset Regional Animal Shelter 908.725.0308 Brian Bradshaw
Bridgewater Board of Education 908.685.2777 Thomas Ficarra
Somerset County Library 908.526.4016 x129 Brian Auger


Bridgewater Township Municipal Building 100 Commons Way, Bridgewater, NJ 08807 (908) 725-6300 Monday- Friday: 9 AM - 5 PM

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