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Division of Public Works

The Division of Public Works is comprised of five (5) Departments; Road, Sewer, Building and Grounds, Parks and Fleet Maintenance.

It is the mission of Bridgewater Public Works to provide:

  • Effective street maintenance
  • Storm and sanitary sewer management
  • Environmentally responsible drainage
  • Yard waste management
  • Accessible secure and properly maintained buildings
  • Clean and safe parks
  • Maintenance of entire fleet of Township vehicles and equipment

Functions of Public Works include but are not limited to the following:

Repair of potholes, patching of roads, sweeping of streets, repair of inlets and catch basins, maintenance of street and traffic signs and removal of dead deer from roads. Maintenance of sanitary sewer main lines, cleaning of flow channels and catch basins/inlets. Ground maintenance in parks, properties and facilities and maintenance/repair of all Township owned vehicles and equipment.

Take note of our address and phone number:

411 Chimney Rock Rd.
Building A
Bound Brook, NJ 08805
908-725-6300 Ext. 6000

Mailing Address:

100 Commons Way
Bridgewater, NJ 08807

If you have any questions please call (908) 725-6300 extension 6000 or email

For any questions relating to sewer bills, please contact our Tax Collector’s office at (908) 725 – 6300 x5125 or

No curbside pickup is available from the Public Works Division.

Christmas Tree Drop Offs

Residents can use the following locations to drop off their Christmas Trees at the following locations in Bridgewater:

Ardmaer Park (near the baseball field), Cedarbrook Park, Chimney Rock Park, Thomae Park, or Somerset County 355 Milltown Road (next to the softball fields).

Since the trees are being recycled, the trees must be cleared of any decorations.  We will be using some of the woodchips to mulch areas in our park system.NO ARTIFICIAL TREES ARE ACCEPTED.

If you should come across a pothole on a Bridgewater road, please report it to our Public Works Division by using our online form here or by calling (908)-725-6300 Ext. 6000 or sending an e-mail to Please give us the location of the pothole so that we can repair it immediately.

If the pothole is on a county road, call Somerset County at (908) 541-5021 or click on this link to complete an online roadway complaint inspection form.

If the pothole is on a state highway, call the New Jersey Department of Transportation at (609) 292-4347 or click on this link.


The Senior Brush Pickup program is a program that offers brush pickup to Senior Citizens age 65 or older.   The program allows Senior Citizens to call DPW to schedule pickup of sticks, twigs, branches and small limbs.  

In 2020, DPW had an increase in requests for Senior Brush pick-up.  In order for us to try to accommodate the increased requests, the following limits are in place:

  • Brush cannot be larger than 5 inches in diameter
  • Brush must be cut to 5 feet or less
  • Brush piles must be stacked neatly in one direction
  • Piles must be placed at the curb line
  • The pile cannot be any larger than 5 feet wide by 7 feet in length and 4 feet in height
  • You cannot have friends or family place brush in your pile
  • Brush can be placed in brown recyclable bags, no plastic, limit 4 bags
  • Grass, mulch, dirt, roots and stumps will not be collected


This program is not intended for DPW to act as a tree removal service.  If the above conditions are not met, the items cannot be picked up.  Appointments are made on a first come, first serve basis.  To make a reservation, please contact DPW at (908) 725 – 6300 ext. 6000.

You can also drop off yard waste at the Bridgewater Township yard waste facility at 136 Foothill Road. 

For further information please click –


Fall leaf bags can be picked up at the Department of Public Works located at 411 Chimney Rock Rd. Building A Bound Brook, NJ 08805 starting on October 1.  The hours of distribution will be from 8 AM – 3 PM, Monday through Friday until supplies run out.  Residents can only pickup for your household only.  Please bring identification to display when picking up bags. 

Only leaves should be placed in the bio-degradable paper bags.  Grass clippings, brush and other materials will not be picked up.

The bags are picked up continuously on a rotating basis Monday – Friday throughout the Township between November 1st and December 31st, weather permitting.  The curbside collection of leaf bags will end December 31st.

Residents may continue to drop-off their leaf bags at the Township’s Yard Waste site located on 136 Foothill Road behind Costco. The Yard Waste site is open through the end of each year. Residents may bring all yard waste material to the Township’s Yard Waste Site.

If you have any questions, please call (908) 725-6300 extension 6000 or email



The Public Works Division wants to remind residents that portable basketball hoops, street hockey goals, etc. must be removed from the roadways including cul-de-sacs for snow plow operations.  They should be far enough away from the curb or edge of pavement so that they will not hang over the edge.

During snow events, we request that cars be placed in driveways and off the street.  Trash cans and recycling containers should also be kept off the roadways as the plow driver may not see these obstacles or may go around those obstacles leaving these areas unplowed.  The Township will not be responsible for any damage to trash cans, recycling containers, basketball hoops, street hockey goals, etc. damaged during snow plow or salting operations.  It is the owner’s responsibility to have these items relocated or removed.

In general, the snow plow procedure during the storm is to clean the center of the roadway, to provide access to all roads in an area.  Once the storm is over the driver will then proceed to clear the roadway curb to curb (edge to edge of pavement) on each street in the area.  Depending on the rate of snowfall we may need to open the center of all the roadways in an area first, delaying the full width clearing to a later time in the snow event. If the roadway has not been cleaned curb to curb, be aware that the front of your driveway maybe covered with snow as the plows complete their work. Please be aware that major roads are plowed first before local residential streets and cul-de-sacs.

If you have any questions please call (908) 725-6300 ext. 6000.


Owners or tenants of any land next to Township public streets must remove all snow and ice from sidewalks within 12 hours of daylight after snowfall has stopped. Snow should be kept on the owner’s property and not moved into the street so that traffic safety is not impacted. If the sidewalk is covered with ice that the owners or tenants cannot remove, the sidewalk must be thoroughly covered with sand, ashes or rock salt within 24 hours after the snowfall has stopped.

Snow that is not removed from sidewalks or ice that is not treated within the time provided above may be removed or treated by the Public Works Division at the homeowner’s expense.


To be announced. 


811eng_ver_rgbThe federally mandated, national phone number, 811, helps prevent you from unintentionally hitting underground utility lines. Before you begin projects that involve digging, dial 811 to locate underground electric, gas or other utility lines. Digging without this information can cause power outages, and it’s extremely dangerous. Simply tell the 811 operator where you’re planning to dig and what type of work you will be doing, and your local utility companies will be notified. Within a few days, they will mark the location of underground lines.

Please call at least three days in advance to avoid unnecessary delays to your project. Know what’s below – Call before you dig!

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