Directory of Department Contacts

For security purposes, all emails to Township email addresses must contain a name, address, and phone number in order to receive a response. In addition, no email containing an attachment will be opened by Township employees without prior notification from the sender.

The following contact numbers are related to the Bridgewater Municipal Building and are sorted by extension number.
Click on each bolded name to send an email to that person.

Mayor of Bridgewater 908.725.6300 x5005 Daniel J. Hayes, Jr
Township Administrator 908.725.6300 x5004 James T. Naples
        Economic Development Officer 908.725.6300 x5090 Howard Turbowitz
        Fire Official 908.725.6300 x5555 Phillip Langon
        Human Resources    
        Purchasing Agent 908.725.6300 x5043 Rose Witt
Director of Finance 908.725.6300 x5110 Natasha Turchan
        Tax Assessor 908.725.6300 x5125 Anthony DiRado
        Tax Collector 908.725.6300 x5145 Darrow Murdock
Director of Municipal Services, Township Engineer 908.725.6300 x5515 Robert C. Bogart
        Code Enforcement Superintendent 908.725.6300 x5565 Stephen Rodzinak
        Public Works and Sewer Utility Superintendent 908.725.6300 x6010 Tom Forsythe
        Township Planner 908.725.6300 x5535 Scarlett Doyle
        Zoning Officer 908.725.6300 x5541 Marie Broughman
Director of Health & Human Services 908.725.6300 x5210 Chris Poulsen
        Health Officer 908.725.6300 x5205 Peter Leung
        Recreation Superintendent 908.725.6300 x5305 Christine Schneider
        Registrar of Vital Statistics 908.725.6300 x5200 Mary Ellen Ianniello
        Senior Services Coordinator 908.725.8020 Donna Langel
        Welfare & Affordable Housing Coordinator 908.725.6300 x5245 Patricia Padovani
Court Clerk & Administrator 908.725.6300 x5410 Audrey Lipinski
Police Chief 908.725.6300 x4034 Manny Caravela
Township Clerk 908.725.6300 x5025 Linda Doyle
Township Attorney 908.526.0707 William Savo

The following contacts are related centers and people around Bridgewater Township.
Somerset County Animal Shelter 908.725.0308 Nikki Dawson
Bridgewater Board of Education 908.685.2777 Cheryl Dyer
Somerset County Library 908.526.4016 x129 Brian Auger